I found this Cannonau in Sardinia. Made from garnet-red grenache grapes, it bursts with flavors of ripe cherries, spices and a hint of vanilla. Traditionally, people drank a glass or two daily, offering their friends this toast: “Akentannos” – May you live to 100!

Our Selections from Sardinia

Blue Zones Cannonau di Sardegna 2015

This Cannonau was grown in Sardinia, home to the original blue zone region of the world where people live the longest. Made from the Grenache grape, this garnet-red wine bursts with flavors of ripe cherries, spices and a hint of vanilla.

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Blue Zones Cannonau di Sardegna Reserve 2015

Introducing the premium version of our flagship wine. Bursting with flavors of ripe black cherries, plum, licorice, baking spice and a hint of coffee bean the Cannonau Riserva will mature in your cellar for decades to come.

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