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Savory Rice Porridge

This warm, soothing, and savory rice porridge (called kandaba jushi) restores energy; Okinawans often cook it for children, the elderly, and people recovering from illness. But it’s not just medicinal—it often replaces rice in the traditional Okinawan meal of rice, miso soup, and vegetables.

Photo: Elle DeBell Cooks

Cook Time:
25 minutes

Savory Rice Porridge Recipe


1⁄2 cup medium-grain white rice
21⁄2 tablespoons miso
3 cups dark greens like sweet potato leaves (kandaba), spinach, beet tops, or rainbow collard greens
2 cups dashi broth
Salt (optional)


Add rice, miso, greens, and dashi to a soup pot and bring to a boil.
Reduce to simmer immediately and cook for about 15 minutes or until rice is soft.
Add salt to taste before serving.

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