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Red Miso Soup with Spinach and Tofu

This staple soup for centenarians is often cooked for breakfast and then reheated for lunch and dinner. It’s made distinctive with a base of richly fermented red miso and only takes about five minutes to make. Red miso is aged for a year or more—and as a fermented food, it provides the gut with beneficial bacteria.

Cook Time:
15 minutes

Red Miso Soup with Spinach and Tofu Recipe


2 cups dashi broth (page 105)
2 tablespoons red miso
3 tablespoons drained and crumbled firm tofu
1 cup Okinawan spinach (edible Gynura, can substitute with other spinach)
1⁄2 cup chopped green onion


Heat dashi broth to a low simmer.
Add all other ingredients, whisk until miso is dissolved, then simmer for 3 minutes.
Serve with rice.

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