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The Blue Zones American Kitchen

100 Recipes to Live to 100

Hello and welcome to friends, supporters and partners of The Blue Zones American Kitchen! I’m incredibly excited to bring this book into the world, and I’m eternally grateful you’re here to help me do it.

With your help, we’ll be able to demonstrate that America actually does have a tradition of the kind of healthy eating that’s scientifically proven to help people live to 100. Even better: America has numerous culinary traditions of that sort, originating from all over the globe, and nowhere do they blend to better effect. 

Best of all: the food is really, really tasty. I know this because I toured all over the country to meet and share meals with the chefs and farmers who are bringing it to life.

Please feel free to use the sample assets below as you help to spread the word about The Blue Zones American Kitchen. You’ll find sample emails, social media assets, and supporting graphics; feel free to edit them as needed to add a personal touch or meet your community’s needs. 

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Thank you! 

Available for Pre-Order Now, Publishing on DECEMBER 6

Overview & Talking Points

100 New Recipes

Offering plenty of variety for tastes of all types

4 Major Culinary Traditions

Including Native, African, Latin, and Asian (and their fusions)

Lush, Gorgeous Photography

That makes your eyes and your mouth water!

America’s Lost Diet for Longevity

is in this book. You could live to 100 eating this food!

Real Food for Real People

Meaning nothing “trendy” or expensive here—just nutrient-rich food that’s packed with flavor

Backed By Longevity Science

We unearthed dietary studies showing where the blue zones diet exists in America

The Blue Zones American Kitchen
Partner Assets

From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, National Geographic Fellow & Founder of Blue Zones, Dan Buettner

The Blue Zones: Secrets for Living Longer

Lessons From the Healthiest Places on Earth